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The Governing Body

Composition of Governing Body The Governing Body in Carlton in Snaith County Primary School
1 Staff, 2 Parents, 1 LA, 1 Headteacher, 7 Co-opted members – 6 Filled and 1 Vacancies

School Priorities

Priority A Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Key issues for improvement : Raising pupil performance – outcomes and progress

Success Criteria:

1)      The impact of teaching over time, and pupil progress, indicates that all teaching is consistently good and some is outstanding and the vast majority of children across KS1 and KS2 are at age related expectations (in line with National picture).

  • Pupil attainment and progress in phonics, reading, writing and maths, is  in line with or above  national expectations in KS1 (by July 2017)
  • Pupil attainment and progress in reading, writing and maths, is in line with or above national expectations in KS2 (by July 2017)
  • Phonics: Current Y2 cohort - vast majority (e.g. at least 80%) of pupils who did not make threshold for phonics screening check in Y1 meet it in year 2(June 2017)
  • Phonics Current Y1 cohort -  vast majority (e.g. at least 90%) are at age related expectations  in phonics screening check (June 2017)

2)      Effective pupil assessment systems are embedded across school tracking pupil attainment and progress

  • Pupil progress information shows robust analysis of pupils performance (termly through to July 2017)
  • An effective tracking and assessment systems are understood and used effectively by all teaching  staff (September 2016- July 17)
  • Educator Sheffield STAT Assessment data is used to inform planning and teaching and to close any gaps in learning (September 2016- July 17)
  • Cross-phase monitoring and moderation is established and is effective (Jan –July 2017)
  • Outcomes for pupils improve as a result of targeted teaching (July 2017 and next academic year)

Priority B Pupils

Key issues for improvement : All children to be on track and for this to be sustained

Success Criteria:

1)      Pupils demonstrate confidence, are self-assured learners with excellent attitudes to learning

2)      The effective use of  the Pupil Provision map is embedded across school - all staff know their cohort and the vulnerable children within

3)      The achievement of Pupil Premium children compares more favourably to the cohort average than at July 2015

4)      Methods of recording and analysing attendance are refined to make them more effective

5)      Parents are welcomed and supported in school and partnership working is embedded

6)      Pupils have a voice in school that is respected and contributes towards the development of the school

Priority C Premises and Learning Environment

Key issue for improvement: School is a safe, well-maintained premises with a stimulating, organised and welcoming  learning environment

 Success Criteria:

1)       The fabric of the building has improved and is of a good standard (ongoing beyond this academic year)

2)       Maintenance jobs have been carried out timely and successfully

3)       Plans have been drawn/made to improve the school entrance way

4)       Future developmental work is timetabled for the next academic year (2017/2018)

5)       Safeguarding of the building is improved

6)       The Community Hub is open to the school and wider community

7)       A future Programme of repair, improvements is established

8)       Display, children’s work and general visual appearance of classroom and communal areas is of high order

Priority D Leadership & Management of the School

Key issues for improvement : Leadership and Governance of school is highly effective, forward thinking, ambitious  for the children of our school

Success Criteria:

  1. Leadership of  the school is good  (then outstanding)
  • There is an improved capacity and impact of middle leaders on overall standards of teaching and learning, attainment and progress including curriculum and progression of skills.
  • All leaders are highly ambitious for the pupils and lead by example. They base their actions on a deep and accurate understanding of the school’s performance, and of staff and pupils’ skills and attributes
  1. Partnership work with other schools is established and embedded
  1. Governance of the school is good (then outstanding)
  • Governors take a full an active role in the monitoring of school and provide appropriate challenge and support for leadership of the school.
  • The Governing body are well informed about ‘academisation’ and a long term plan is produced.
  1. School is promoted well via its up to date and compliant website and other sources
  2. An accurate School Self Evaluation (SEF)  is produced and is then kept up to date

Governance Documents

Governor Report to Parents 2018

Carlton Standing Orders & Code of Practice

Instrument of Government

September 2016 letter re Chair of Governors


A paper copy of the Governing Body Minutes are available on request from the school office

Our Governors

Headteacher Jon WatsonHeadteacher Jon Watson









My name is Jon Watson and I am the Head teacher at Carlton in Snaith Community Primary School. I am proud to lead our school – we have a fantastic group of pupils, dedicated staff team and supportive school community.

My philosophy for education is one which is based around the edict of the ‘best by every child’. I hold a strong child-centred approach to teaching, where consistency, praise, encouragement yet challenge are key. I believe that all children are amazing and have unique potential waiting to be unlocked – it is a privilege, as a teacher and a leader, to be able to inspire, enthuse, motivate and nurture children to fully achieve this.

I joined Carlton in Snaith Community Primary School in September 2015, from Welton Primary School, East Riding, after four successful years. I am originally from Sunderland and now live in Doncaster, following seven wonderful years in Dubai, U.A.E I am married and have two wonderful twin girls. I love playing and listening to music and I’m a passionate Ipswich Town fan.

As head teacher I work closely with the Governing Board to help strategically lead the school forward.


Mrs Helen Snowden

Chair of Governors


Jim Wood

Vice Chair


Mrs Katherine Pierce

Co-opted Governor – Term ends 09.03.2019 Committee currently serving on Finance, Staffing and Premises. No Business Interest Declared.

I have been a Parent Governor since March 2010 and I am now a Co-opted Governor. I have two children and one currently in this school and we live in Newland.

I bring knowledge and experience from my leisure management background of Business Operations, Finance, Marketing, Health and Safety and Human Resources.



Mrs Joanne Mackintosh

Co-opted Governor – Term ends 09.03.2019 Currently serving on School Development Committee. No Business Interest Declared.

I have lived in Carlton for 17 years. I am married with 2 children, who both attended Carlton Primary School before moving onto high school.

I am a Higher Level Teaching Assistant at Carlton Primary School.


Mrs Karen Longfield

Staff Governor – Term ends when ceases to work at school. Currently serving on School Development Committee. No Business Interest Declared.

I have lived in Carlton for many years. My Daughter attended Carlton Primary School before moving onto high school.

I teach year 5/4 at Carlton Primary and have a passion for Maths and PE


Mrs Helen Snowden

Parent Governor – Term ends 29.06.2018 Currently serving on School Development Committee Links: SEN & Inclusion and Standards and Achievement. No Business Interest Declared

. I trained as a Medical Research Scientist at Leeds University before leaving to have children. 2 of my children have been through the school and the final 2 are still here.

I try to support our local school in our community wherever I can and hope to bring the views of parents into the Governor discussions.


Mr Andy Knight

Co-opted Governor – Term ends 09.03.2021 Currently serving on Finance, Staffing and Premises Committee Links: Emerald Class. No Business Interest Declared
I’ve worked in financial services for over 30 years and bring my experience in people, risk, operational and regulatory compliance management to the role. I currently lead a team responsible for the delivery of regulatory change projects for a variety of  investment services products. My role involves strategy & leadership along with regulatory compliance.
I live in Snaith along with my wife, 2 grown up daughters and a 1 eyed pooch! My interests include rugby league, history and walking in the Lakes & Dales.






Georgina Thomas

I have been a co-opted governor on the governing body of Carlton - in - Snaith Primary School since  2017.

I live in Carlton with my husband and my two young daughters. I love cooking and spending time at home and I have a particular inexplicable passion for France and anything French! I enjoy being outdoors and would love to have more time to spend on my favourite hobby - hiking.  

When I am not wearing my governor hat, I work as an employment lawyer in a niche firm in York that specialises in all areas of employment law and HR. I have also spent a number of years as a clerk to governors for the local authority and it is this experience of governance, teamed with my legal knowledge, that I hope to bring to the governing body in supporting the Head to deliver the best outcomes for the pupils of Carlton Primary.



 Mr Michael Thomas

Co-opted Governor – Term ends 27.06.2020 Currently serving on School Development Committee Links: Safeguarding and IT. No Business Interest Declared

 I work at the University of Leeds, leading a team responsible for the delivery, support and development of the institution's virtual learning environment. My role involves strategy, finance & leadership.

It is these areas, along with my background in IT within education, that I hope to bring to the governing body.

I live in Carlton and my interests include coaching swimming, cycling and spending time with my family.



Mr Jim Wood

Vice-chair Parent Governor – Term ends 01.05.2020 Currently serving on Finance, Staffing and Premises Committee. Links: Health and Safety No Business Interest Declared

I have lived in Carlton with my family for over 6 years and both my children now attend Carlton School.

As well as being a Governor I am also a member of the parent forum and part of the Health and Safety and Premises committee.





Mr Danny Devlin


Co-opted Governor - Term ends 09.03.2021 Currently serving on School Development Committee.  Links: Sapphire Class.  No Business Interest Declared.

I live in Selby with my wife and daughter.  I have worked for over 10 years as a Science teacher at Holy Family Catholic High School and I believe my skills and expertise in education and my passion for learning will be valuable to the school.




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