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Pine Catch up

Last Weeks Catch Up 5.4.19

Posted 15/4/2019

What a wonderful afternoon Pine Class had when the children delved deeper into the skills required to being an effective leader for their Archie Project and recognised that being trusting and trustworthy were necessary for such a role. In order to test this theory, everyone completed the ‘Walk of Trust’, by being led, or by being the leader, along a complex obstacle course, whilst blindfolded! Everyone had great fun during this outdoor activity, as they learned more about the role of leadership. Well done Pine Class!

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Last Weeks Catch Up 22.03.19

Posted 9/4/2019

Pine Class have been searching out the features of journalistic writing in preparation for writing our own newspaper articles. The children quickly recognized the structure and built up a bank of features. However, there were two new features to explore: passive voice and parenthesis. Active voice sentences were changed into passive voice, and we even had a couple of human sentences at the front of the classroom! Mrs Gay and I are looking forward to seeing this new learning in the articles  as they develop next week.   


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Last Weeks Catch Up 15.03.19

Posted 20/3/2019

In preparation for becoming Young Leaders, Pine Class have been researching leadership skills and inspirational world leaders, such as: Jesse Owens, Bear Grills, Rosa Parks and Kaoly Takacs. The children have identified the characteristics of leaders such as these, then presented their findings to the class. They also created a poster of skills and traits they hope to develop as they journey through the Archie Project, where they will be seeking to improve their local area, and school, as well as doing kind acts for others.

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Last Weeks Catch Up 13.03.19

Posted 13/3/2019


Book week has certainly lived up to its name in Pine Class this week! We had a truly amazing Stay and Read session on Monday afternoon where we were flabbergasted by the number of parents who joined us. Thank you all so much for supporting your child and the school. Wednesday morning brought and inspiring session with our author visit, Richard O’Neill, where the children were treated to some wonderful storytelling. 

Wednesday afternoon was made special with visitors from playgroup who also came for a stay and read session, which was magical! And we have our actual book to yet to enjoy—fantastic week!

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Last Weeks Catch Up 22.02.19

Posted 7/3/2019

The children in Pine Class have been submitting some wonderful homework which we have proudly displayed in the classroom. The children have shared their work, explaining what they have done, and this has enthused everyone to challenge themselves into doing things they have not previously tried. We have been treated to a home made cushion for our reading area, admired tie dyed clothing and read lots of facts on what we are learning in almost every subject. Thank you for your enthusiasm children and for the support at home.


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Last Weeks Catch Up 15.02.19

Posted 22/2/2019

Where do I start  Pine Class?

You were all so brilliant  and enthusiastic , during our visit with Madame Law, in our French lesson. They showed great determination learning a French poem and also using their skills to find words in their French/English dictionaries, Madame Law was very impressed as was I.  All of the children were engaged and had lots of enthusiasm. Well done Pine Class!

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Last Weeks Catch Up 08.02.19

Posted 13/2/2019

In spellings, Pine Class have been learning about the ‘ough’ letter string. After reading a poem about the trials of spelling, the children investigated  the different sounds that the grapheme ‘ough’ can make and identified eight! Next, using as many words as possible with the letter string being investigated in, they created their own poems with their partner and shared them with the class. This exercise revealed what wonderful poets we have in Pine Class, as we were treated to an impressive range of themes and structures. Super work!


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Last Weeks Catch Up 01.02.19

Posted 6/2/2019

Wow, what a fabulous time Pine class have had over the last few weeks in Art. They have researched, designed and sculpted their own Gargoyles!
They showed determination and great respect for their own creation as well as others in the class.
Congratulations Pine class!


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Last Weeks Catch Up 25.01.19

Posted 30/1/2019

Pine Class have truly embraced our space themed dance topic. They have participated in peer led warm ups with increasing commitment and have listened carefully to the music to help them create relevant moves to tell a story.  After only  two weeks of choreographing in pairs, the children have improved and extended their ideas to incorporate unison and mirroring; next week they will be moving on to asymmetrical shapes before forming groups of four where their ideas will come together. Well done Pine Class, very proud of your efforts.


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Last Weeks Catch UP 18.1.2019

Posted 18/1/2019

The children have been learning about rhythm this week being a pattern of sounds. They have also learned to recognise the musical notes: crochet and quaver and their values. We used pictures and words to help us remember the rhythm and length of beat. Then we  progressed to reading only musical notation to create a clapping rhythm. The session culminated in a quiz where a rhythm was clapped and the children had to match this with one of the sequences of notes displayed. The children thoroughly enjoyed the session.




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