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Venus Catch up

Last Weeks Catch Up 18.05.18

Posted 21/5/2018

On Thursday, Venus Class went on the visit of a lifetime to the Palace of Westminster, after being invited by our local MP, Mr Nigel Adams. We had an incredible day walking through St Stephen’s Hall, Central Lobby, House of Commons, House of Lords and, most importantly, Westminster Hall, where we walked in the footsteps of Henry VIII and Oliver Cromwell! This was followed by a Crown and Parliament workshop and a hour long question and answer session with Mr Adams. Venus Class were an absolute credit to themselves, their families and their school. Well done everyone!

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Last Weeks Catch Up 11.05.18

Posted 14/5/2018

In order to give the children a ‘real life’ experience about this term’s science topic: Animals and their habitats, we visited Mrs Hammond’s small holding where they learned first hand about the life cycle and habitat of various mammals and birds. They also identified vertebrates on the walk down and classified them further into different species of mammals, fish and birds. Unfortunately, we did not see any amphibians or reptiles on our walk. Venus Class thoroughly enjoyed their visit: petting and feeding the animals. Thank you Mrs Hammond!

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Last Weeks Catch Up 04.05.18

Posted 9/5/2018

Venus Class shared their Viking research homework this week. We had lots of information about Viking gods and goddesses, Viking boats, Viking artefacts and Viking runes. Each child presented their information to the class, who made notes on the presentation. Everyone learned lots of new information. We are all looking forward to the next session when we will learn about Viking farmers and Viking food.

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last Weeks Catch Up 27.04.18

Posted 30/4/2018



The children started their new science topic this week: Living things and their habitats. They learned the first stages of classification and how to record these in a table. Next, they identified the five categories of vertebrates and investigated the characteristics which determined the group an animal should be placed in. The children shared their findings in the form of a mini presentation to the whole class. Super science and speaking and listening was on show!

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Latest Catch Up 20.04.18

Posted 23/4/2018

This week the children completed their peer assessment of  our gymnastics work. They have done incredibly well and have improved immensely. Their sequences included travelling along the bench, balances, rolls, different dynamics and strength had to be on show. I have been so impressed by the progress they have made. Thanks go to Samantha and Aoife for their weekly warm up, well done girls.

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Last Weeks Catch Up 29..03.18

Posted 16/4/2018

Venus Class fulfilled one of their commitments for the Archie Project this week when they went out into the community and cleaned one of the village bus shelters; weeded the public area around it (and weeded one of the senior villager’s garden) and litter picked along the main footpath, right along to the bandstand area. 

The children thoroughly enjoyed doing this and continued the litter pick in the school grounds. Well done Venus Class.

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Last Weeks Catch Up 23.03.18

Posted 3/4/2018

Venus Class have experienced their first residential, and what a success it was! They have challenged themselves and encouraged their peers to go that step further; they have proved themselves to be adventurous and willing to try new skills; they have worked hard on teamwork. Back in school, forest schools  helped the children to develop similar skills. Well done to everyone, I am very proud of you all and you should be proud  of yourselves too.


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Last Weeks Catch Up 16.03.18

Posted 26/3/2018

Venus Class have completed their Light topic this week with an investigation involving    shadows. They tried to answer the question: Can the position and size of a shadow be changed? They tested this using a mock puppet show and recorded tier findings in a table. Next, they transferred this information into a line graph, before writing up a conclusion. Please ask the children what they learned and be prepared for a detailed answer!

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Last Weeks Catch Up 09.03.18

Posted 5/3/2018

Orienteering was introduced to Venus Class this week. They were most enthusiastic about trying it out and ran the course well. They used their map reading skills to follow the course and find the stations, where they uncovered a letter. They recorded their findings as they went along, overcoming the challenges of outdoor pursuits admirably. Once all stations had been visited, they unscrambled their letters to find a word relating to our History topic.

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Last Weeks Catch Up 23.02.18

Posted 27/2/2018

Venus class have been experiencing our new ‘Book Nook’. Each guided reading group have reclined inside on cushions and beanbags to enjoy reading for pleasure. Luckily, it is large enough for everyone in the group to settle inside, get comfortable and lose themselves in their chosen book. We are hoping to upgrade the Nook in the near future using funds kindly donated by Carlton Friends. Watch this space for news on our ‘refit’!

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