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Ouse Catch up

Last Weeks Catch Up 13.03.20

Posted 18/3/2020

This week in dance we started looking at the Charleston. I was really impressed when the children worked in pairs to create their own Charleston steps . I can’t wait to see how they progress next week and watch them all perform. Well done Ouse class! They have also done some excellent work in maths and English this week and are all working really hard. Keep it up.



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Last Weeks Catch Up 06.03.20

Posted 12/3/2020

A brilliant effort from everyone in Ouse class for World Book Day yesterday. There were lots of fantastic costumes and it was great to see how much effort everyone had made. Well done for successfully completing the riddle Mrs Burton posed for us and collecting the hidden treasure.  

Well done too, for the shared reading session with Calder class. Miss Watling was so impressed with everyone she wants us to do it again soon.

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Last Weeks Catch Up 28.02.20

Posted 4/3/2020

Well done to Ouse Class for their fantastic learning assembly and party this week. It was great seeing so many family and friends come along to support the event. Thank you to all the children—they spoke brilliantly in the assembly and I think passed on our ‘Good to be green’ message really well. I was really proud of them all.

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Last Weeks Catch Up 14.02.20

Posted 27/2/2020

What a brilliant day Ouse class had on Thursday! Having previously designed their 3D recycling boards, they spent the whole day bringing their fantastic ideas to life. The collaboration and teamwork was superb and I am so proud of the work they all produced. A massive thank you to Mrs Mackintosh and Mr Cooper who spent the morning with us. The classes super efforts will be shared with the rest of school soon. Well done Ouse class, a fabulous day!

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Last Weeks Catch Up 07.02.20

Posted 13/2/2020

Ouse class have had great fun in science this week investigating air resistance. They carried out their own investigations into which size parachute would fall to the ground the quickest– have the least air resistance acting on it. Then we all went outside and experienced air resistance acting on them. They had to run with a parachute attached. Everyone could tell when the wind was acting for and against them. Science in action in Ouse class this week!


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Last Weeks Catch Up 31.01.20

Posted 3/2/2020

This week in our dance lesson we progressed onto creating a dance motif in a small group. It was lovely to see the children working so well together and listening to each others ideas. In music this week , the children have started to learn a song ready to perform in our learning assembly after half term. It sounded great!


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Last Weeks Catch up 24.01.20

Posted 29/1/2020

This week in English we have been writing balanced arguments around the subject of global warming and climate change. I have been so impressed by the hard work and efforts they have put into this piece of work and look forward to sharing it on a display in the near future. It has certainly been very thought provoking. Well done Ouse class – you should all be very proud of your efforts!

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Last Weeks Catch Up 17.01.20

Posted 20/1/2020

A brilliant start to the new term for Ouse class. I’m really proud of the great attitudes they are all demonstrating. They tried really hard in our dance sessions where they were improvising and creating dance motifs to show the different stages of a volcanic eruption. It has also been great hearing about their enthusiastic efforts in their music lessons with Mrs Dorman, who is really impressed with them.



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Last Weeks Catch Up 13.12.19

Posted 23/12/2019

This week Ouse Class have been researching The Beatles. They have been finding amazing facts about them as a group and individuals for their non-chronological writing in English.

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Last Weeks Catch Up 29.11.19

Posted 5/12/2019

In Ouse Class this week they have shown a good understanding to the start of their music lessons. They are looking at music by The Beatles specifically focusing on the song Blackbird. They will be listening, appraising and learning facts about other Beatles songs as well.

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