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Ouse Catch up

Last weeks catch up 15.11.19

Posted 21/11/2019

This week in Ouse class, the children have been looking at how to write Flashback style stories. They have shown great collaboration during discussions and are showing a better understanding of how to write about it. Also we have had some fantastic homework brought in about The Beatles. Well done Ouse class.

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Last weeks catch up 08.11.19

Posted 15/11/2019

We’ve had such busy week in Ouse class continuing our ‘All about me!’ topic. We have worked conscientiously to write our poems into presentation form, as well as completing our side profile art work which will be displayed alongside it. Ouse class have all produced work that they should be extremely proud of!


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Last weeks catch up 18.10.19

Posted 30/10/2019

In Ouse class this week we have been stargazing. We have learned about how stars are formed , why they twinkle and what happens to them when they die. We have also looked at the different star constellations and created our very own constellation chart using metallic pens and sequins. We have lots of budding astronomers in our class!

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Last Weeks Catch Up 11.10.19

Posted 16/10/2019

Wow! What an amazing, exhilarating time we had at Robinwood, for our residential stay. Every child behaved with respect, kindness and determination! They all showed such resilience and patience with one another it was lovely to see.
Well done Ouse Class for three fun filled days!

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Last Weeks Catch Up 04.10.19

Posted 10/10/2019

On Thursday 26th September, Ouse Class celebrated all things Germany. We sampled lots of delicious foods (mostly available from Aldi) including Salami, Bavarian ham, smoked cheese, apple strudel and stollen. It was lovely to see the children trying some things they had never had before. We all then used atlases and the internet to find out lots of interesting facts about Germany!


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Last Weeks Catch Up 27.09.19

Posted 10/10/2019

Ouse class had great fun last Friday when we all started our ReflectEd new skills lessons. We are all learning to juggle. We watched a n informative video which gave us some top tips for learning to juggle. We have a long way to go but are looking forward to our next session.


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Last Weeks Catch Up 20.09.19

Posted 23/9/2019

We’ve had an exciting week exploring our Solar System. We have created models using polystyrene balls, wooden skewers and marbling inks. We had to think carefully about the order of the planets - using the mnemonic ‘My Very Educated Mum Just Served Us Noodles’ to help us. We have also learnt about why we have day and night as well as why we have four seasons throughout the year. The children have worked enthusiastically and have made a conscious effort to formulate questions using scientific language.


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Last Weeks Catch Up 13.09.19

Posted 18/9/2019

This week, Ouse Class have started looking at the articles from the UNICEF Convention of the Rights of the Child.
They worked in pairs to discuss and then decide which articles they would like to put forward for their Class Charter.

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Last Weeks Catch Up 06.09.19

Posted 13/9/2019

Welcome back to everyone in Ouse class. They have had a fantastic week and really impressed me with their super effort and attitude to learning. Great fun was had by all in science this week doing lots of exciting experiments with Mrs Short. They worked really well in teams and were so enthusiastic. Sorry about the messy floor Mr Cooper.

A great start to the new school year everyone. Keep it up!


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Last weeks catch up 19.07.19

Posted 12/8/2019

Last week Pine Class enjoyed a visit from Nick Curry from Selby Food Bank. This was one of our final activities for the Archie Project 2019. He told us  all about how food banks work and how important our donations are. Nick was very impressed with our questions and how knowledgeable we are about helping the community. Thank you for your donations, we really appreciate your help and so do the Selby Food Bank.

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