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Pluto Catch up

Last Weeks Catch Up

Posted 18/9/2017

The new children in Pluto class this week have really kept us busy!  We now have 21 new children in Pluto class from over 6 different settings.  They spent this week exploring the classroom and getting to know where everything is. We have also been learning how to tidy up as a team!  They have settled really quickly and are making of new friends, as well getting to know their new teachers.  They have had a brilliant start to school life! 

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Last Weeks Catch Up

Posted 21/7/2017

We can’t quite believe we have come to end of the year with Topaz class.  What a    fantastic year we have had!  Butterflies, Aliens, Penguins, Polar bears, and of course more adventures with Supertato!  We are so proud of the progress our children have made over the last year. Enjoy Neptune, we will miss you!

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Last Weeks Catch Up 14.07.17

Posted 17/7/2017

This week Topaz class have been re-visiting 3D shape. The Year one pupils became mini teachers to our Reception children and helped them find 3D shapes inside and outside of the classroom. They were fantastic role models and showed us just how many facts they have learnt this year by having to explain what they know to others.

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Last Weeks Catch Up 07.07.17

Posted 10/7/2017

Over the last two weeks in topaz class we have welcomed our new starters for September.  They came to play for one morning and one afternoon session. We were so proud of our Topaz children who were fantastic role models, as well as doing a great job in helping the new children to explore our classroom. 

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Last Week's Catch Up 30.06.17

Posted 3/7/2017

This week in Topaz class we have really lucky to have had a daily visit from our buddies in year six. Every day they joined us for our guided reading session. We read our reading books to them and then they read story books to us. They were very patient and really helped us to read our books.  We loved the time we spent with them.

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Last Weeks Catch Up 23.06.17

Posted 26/6/2017

On Monday Topaz class travelled to Grimsby Auditorium to watch The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show!  The puppet show including four of Eric Carle’s stories including the artist who painted a horse blue, The very hungry caterpillar, The lonely firefly and  Mister sea horse.  The children loved the show and joined in with lots of parts of the stories.  We were very impressed with them and their behaviour was fantastic!

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Last Week's Catch Up 15.06.17

Posted 16/6/2017

Topaz class have been very lucky over the last half term to have sporting experts   working with us.  We loved working with Mr Miles to develop our tennis skills last week,  and loved his “taking a dog for a walk game!” 

We have also had our first outdoor Athletics PE session to prepare us for Sports day. We can’t wait!

Last Weeks Catch Up 09.06.17

Posted 12/6/2017

This week has been both exciting and a little bit sad for Topaz class. Our five butterflies decided to hatch out of their cocoons over the holidays!  They had a little holiday at Mrs Smith’s house and came back to school on Monday.  We had two rainy days and then we were able to release them on Wednesday!

Four butterflies flew away happily, but one butterfly had a broken wing and William carefully placed him with some flowers so he was safe and he could feed.

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Last Weeks Catch Up 26.05.17

Posted 30/5/2017

This week Topaz class have been looking at halving and doubling numbers in maths. Our Reception children have been doubling the spots on ladybirds and butterflies. Our Year ones have been looking at halving even numbers before moving onto sharing and dividing. By the end of the week we could use our counting in 2s, 5s and 10s facts  to help us solve problems!

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Last Week's Catch Up 22.05.17

Posted 22/5/2017

Topaz classTopaz classThe children in Topaz class had a very special delivery last Friday.  The Friends of School had heard about our exciting mini-beast topic and had bought us five very tiny caterpillars.  We are watching them everyday and can’t believe just how much they have grown in just one week.  You are very welcome to come and meet our new pets. We named every one of them.  Ask Topaz the caterpillar names when you see them!

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