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Beech Catch up

Last weeks catch up 19.07.19

Posted 12/8/2019

What a lovely day we had on Tuesday for our rounders competition. I was so proud of the way the Year 2  children encouraged  and supported the Year 1’s. Every child worked well with their team and shook hands with their opponents afterwards. We had some brilliant batting and fielding. I couldn’t believe they’d only played a few times! The children were full of enthusiasm even after the 6th game. Thank you to everyone for making it such a fun day.

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Last weeks catch up 12.07.19

Posted 5/8/2019

In Beech Class, we have been learning all about keeping healthy after our gluttonous Chocolate topic. The children researched different areas: rest and relaxation, exercising, keeping ourselves clean and eating a balanced diet. They used this information to make a poster. In French, the children have been learning the names of fruit. So, used these to help them design, make and then eat their very own fruit kebabs.


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Last weeks catch up 05.07.19

Posted 19/7/2019

Beech Class had a wonderful Sports Day. I was so proud of the teamwork and support the children gave each other. Everyone was cheering each other on and kept going no matter how hard they found it. Each race needed different skills so it was a chance to see speed, concentration and hand eye co-ordination as well as the obvious running, jumping and skipping. Well done Beech Class you did yourselves proud!


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Last weeks catch up 28.06.19

Posted 19/7/2019

What a fantastic learning party Beech Class enjoyed on Wednesday. The children spoke so clearly and confidently and enjoyed sharing the songs and poem we’d learnt. In the classroom the children worked so well together. It was lovely to see the creativity from children and family members as they made their own chocolate rooms. Thank you to everyone involved for a really memorable day.


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Last Weeks Catch Up 21.06.19

Posted 19/7/2019

What an amazing topic for Beech Class, this week they have designed a wrapper for their own chocolate bar. So they have made their own with Mrs Mackintosh. They crushed biscuits, weighed butter, syrup, cocoa powder and chocolate and then melted them, ready to add to the biscuit mix. This was placed in trays and left to set. Once set it was cut into bars and they then wrapped their own bar in foil, ready for the wrapper designs they have created.


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Last Weeks Catch Up 14.06.19

Posted 24/6/2019

Last week, Beech Class started their chocolate topic. We learned about where chocolate came from. Then this week we have been learning about the history of chocolate.

The children’s favourite part  of the topic so far has been reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The children have been pretending to be Charlie and even got to eat chocolate in the same way Charlie did.


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Last Weeks Catch Up 07.06.19

Posted 14/6/2019

Wow, what can I say about all our budding tennis stars in Beech Class?

They showed resilience and determination whilst working on their tennis skills. They showed respect for Mr Miles and listened carefully, so this enabled them to move around the court without colliding with others. Also there was great ball control from lots of determined children. Well done to you all and a big, heartfelt thank you to Mister Miles.


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Last Weeks Catch Up 24.05.19

Posted 7/6/2019

This week has been a real chance to see Beech Class shine. I could not have been prouder of the way the Year 3s participated in Mystery at Magpie Manor. Although they were not main characters this year, they sang their hearts out and supported each other brilliantly. Meanwhile the Year2s have been completing their end of Key Stage 1 National Curriculum tests. Each and every child tried their very best,. They worked their socks off and dare I say, actually enjoyed them! What an honour it is to be the teacher of Beech Class. Thank you children.

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Last Weeks Catch Up 17.05.19

Posted 24/5/2019

It’s been a busy week for the children in Beech Class. Not only have the Year 3s been getting ready for their production of “Mystery at Magpie Manor” and the Year 2s have been preparing for their National Curriculum tests next week. We have also been doing shape investigations. Last week, we focused more on 2D shapes so this week we have been looking carefully at 3D shapes. We have looked for them around school and been busy counting edges, faces and vertices to double check what shapes they are.

Image Gallery

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Last Weeks Catch Up 10.05.19

Posted 17/5/2019

Wow, what a fantastic start to our computing. The children are learning all about coding using Scratch. They have started to add sprites and this week have added different backgrounds, some have added lots of other effects too. You have all shown great resilience and respect towards one another, well done.

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