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Beech Catch up

21 September 2018

Posted 26/9/2018

Beech class showed lots of determination this week when starting their French lessons. Their first taste of French was to learn how to ask the question What are you called ?

The whole class were marvellous and they loved the greeting song they also learned.


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14th September 2018

Posted 18/9/2018

Beech class enjoyed their metacognition lesson this week. Each corner of the classroom represented  how confident we felt at different things. We talked about how we are all good at different things and how we can use this to help each other.

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Last Week Catch Up 07.09.18

Posted 10/9/2018

What a wonderful start to the year.

Beech class are really enjoying looking at maps and globes as part of our topic “Around the World”.

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Last Week's Catch Up 6.7.18

Posted 11/7/2018

This week Saturn Class have been putting themselves in the shoes of a Roman Gladiator. At first, we thought it sounded fun and interesting to be fighting for the Romans but we soon found out that it’s not as happy as it looks. In fact, it’s a lot more gruesome. We have been writing a diary entry pretending to be a Roman Gladiator.

Image Gallery

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Last Week's Catch Up 29.06.18

Posted 3/7/2018

This week in Science we have been looking at reflecting light. Miss Stafford demonstrated with a torch and a mirror to show how light reflects at the same angle that it hits.

We then played two reflecting games. Our favourite was when we wet outside and drew lines on the  playground. Our partner then had to follow the path by looking up at the mirror and not down on the floor.



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Last Weeks Catch Up 22.06.18

Posted 25/6/2018

This week we have been getting our arts and craft hats on and have been making Roman shields and mosaics. We used big pieces of card and paper bowls to create the Roman shields. We found it quite tricky to copy the intricate design that the romans used and then to use paint to paint around these small areas. We then made mosaics by using really small squares of foam and stuck them carefully to follow a pattern.

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Last Weeks Catch Up 15.06.18

Posted 18/6/2018

This week Saturn have been looking at light and shadows in science. We crossed our fingers  and toes that the sun would be out so that we could go and chase our shadows outside. Before we went out, we imagined that a torch was the sun and looked at how light came from the sun and what happened when an opaque object got in the way. Then we went out and drew around our partner’s shadows! They looked really funny!

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Last Weeks Catch Up 08.06.18

Posted 11/6/2018

Saturn Class have just started their new topic on Romans. To begin our topic, Miss Stafford introduced us to some Roman artwork called ‘Mosaics’. Today we had a go at drawing      mosaics on squared paper to get a feel for how this artwork looked. We also looked at a lot of different examples

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Last Weeks Catch Up 25.05.18

Posted 4/6/2018

Last week Saturn Class celebrated the Royal Wedding by reading the story “The Queen’s Knickers”.  The children loved hearing about all of the special occasions that the Queen wears her knickers for. We particularly loved the parachute knickers! We decided to make our own knicker parachute to put eggs inside and throw. The aim was to see if we could stop our eggs from smashing using a parachute. We had great fun!

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