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Oak Catch up

21 September 2018

Posted 26/9/2018

This week in Oak class we have working really hard on strengthening our fingers to get ready for writing. We go to the Finger gym! Every morning when we arrive at school we  do Funky finger activities such as threading buttons, picking things up like conkers with tweezers and wrapping elastic bands around pine cones.  Once our fingers are warm we go to the Dough Disco!


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14th September 2018

Posted 18/9/2018

This week in Oak class we were joined by our second intake. We have spent time getting to know each other and making new friendships.We have enjoyed exploring our new classroom and have loved to spend time in the   outdoor area.  We even had a go at PE, working on using all the space safely and stopping and starting on signal. What a great, but tiring week we have had!

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7th September 2018

Posted 10/9/2018

We are so proud of how the new children in Oak Class have settled into school. They have had fun exploring their new classroom and are quickly learning our new school rules and routines.

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11th July 2018

Posted 11/7/2018

This week in Pluto class we found the perfect way to cool down with the arrival of our Water wall.  The children were so excited waiting for it to come and celebrated when Mr Smith built it up for them!   At first the children just had fun exploring the wall, working out how to use the pumps and learning how to recycle the water so  that we didn't run out.  On Wednesday when they arrived all the guttering had been removed and they had to work as a team to work out how to connect them so that the water flowed down to the bottom.  The children have had a fabulous time exploring and had many changes of clothes and wet feet! As an extra  bonus with the wall we got a free gift of some mini-bricks which are just brilliant fun!

Image Gallery

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Last Week's Catch Up 29.06.18

Posted 3/7/2018

In Pluto class this week have been looking at The Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaur series. We have lots of  imaginative role play acting out the stories.  The captain of all the pirates is the mighty T-Rex!  When we went to Collaboration corner we found clues that  led us to discover that he had been in the garden and on the    pirate ship.  Everyday he left another clue, he even left sweets and  the Magic cutlass!  This grants wishes and the children had great fun casting spells on each other and me!  On Thursday we found out that the dinosaurs favourite food was sausages,  children sausages and especially little girls!  The children made posters to keep the dinosaurs away from our classroom, and Ruby even designed a Boy burger to save the girls!!!



Image Gallery

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Last Weeks Catch Up 22.06.18

Posted 25/6/2018

We’ve had another exciting week in Pluto class with more developments to our Outdoor area.   On Monday we took delivery of our new Stage/sand pit.  The children have had great fun making sand castles,  and building tunnels and volcanoes.  They had a fabulous time when Mrs Bramley decided that it would be a good idea to take their shoes and socks of and jump in! It wasn't when she had 2 pairs of feet to wash and dry! My favourite moment of the week was  watching Coran curled up reading in a book boat in our new reading area, listening to two little birds tapping on the shelter above him.  Exciting things are also happening in Collaboration corner and we cant wait until its finished!

Image Gallery

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Last Weeks Catch Up 15.06.18

Posted 18/6/2018

After spending last week looking for Giants, Pluto class have taken their learning this week in a completely different direction after the arrival of our Pirate ship!  We have spent this week making treasure maps, telescopes and pirate hats. We have looked at floating and sinking, and found different ways to make water move along a channel. Our role play and imagination has gone wild, building fantastic pirate ships and sailing all over the world. The funniest part of the week was when Mrs Bramley found out all of our Pirate names!  Then we learnt how to talk like a pirate. We still haven’t found the treasure but we’re having great fun looking.

Image Gallery

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Last Weeks Catch Up 08.06.18

Posted 11/6/2018

Pluto class have had such an exciting week with the arrival of their new canopy and decked area. The children were delighted and loved deciding what they would like to use the area for.   We would like to say a massive thank you to the office staff, parents and volunteers who have made it happen. You have made some children very happy!

As well as this we’ve had tennis coaching and the arrival of some more ride on vehicles. We also began looking at the first story on our new topic, Traditional tales, Starting with Jack and the Beanstalk!

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Last Weeks Catch Up 25.05.18

Posted 4/6/2018

Following our fantastic learning assembly last week Pluto class got ready throughout the morning for  their  very own Royal Wedding!  We made heart biscuits, crowns, fascinators, designed wedding cakes, and made love potion/perfume in the mud kitchen. In the afternoon while we decorated that classroom, they had a pamper session in which  they all had their hair done for the wedding.  The wedding was amazing.  Prince Harry and Meghan were happily married and we celebrated with a wedding feast and disco.  A big thank you to our fantastic mums who did hair, make-up  and helped with the wedding.  We couldn't do it without you

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Last Weeks Catch Up 18.05.18

Posted 21/5/2018

Well done to Pluto Class for their super confidence and brilliant speaking  during their whole school learning assembly. The school as well as parents warmed up with Dough Disco, they were also rocking along to Baby Shark and the number bond  song.

Staff and children were invited to join in with the dough disco actions  and fun was had by all.

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