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Oak Catch up

Last Weeks Catch Up 25.01.19

Posted 20/2/2019

This week in Oak class we received a very special surprise all the way from the South Pole! A parcel was delivered to our classroom with small holes in the top of it. We used our investigation skills to look closely at the labels and stamp to try to work out where it had come from, and what might be inside. We carefully unwrapped it to discover we had our very own Emperor Penguin and chick to care for, just like in our class book Lost and Found!



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Last Weeks Catch Up 08.02.19

Posted 13/2/2019

In maths this week we looked at the Number blocks programme Fruit salad.  In the episode the number blocks had a machine that split amounts of fruit into two sets of numbers. After the programme, we made our own machine outside and rolled fruit down the shoots. We then recorded the sums on the  blackboard. Inside we used the Numicon and  a multi link to split up numbers into two parts. Mrs Smith and Mrs Bramley were amazed!


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Last Weeks Catch Up 01.02.19

Posted 6/2/2019

This week in  Oak class we have continued with our Lost and found topic by looking at  the North Pole.  We looked at Polar bears and learnt lots of interesting facts about them. Next we took advantage of the cold weather and investigated ice! We collected natural resources from around our school grounds and made ice sculptures. We then used magnifying glasses to look closely at the ice that had formed in our outdoor area.


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Last Weeks Catch Up 18.1.2019

Posted 23/1/2019

This week in maths we have been looking at 2D shape. We started by using the Numberblocks episode Flatland!  This really inspired the children and they learnt the names and properties of common 2D shapes, as well as rhombus, trapezium, kite, arrow and parallelogram! The children have loved exploring shapes and made some amazing pictures using them.



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Last Weeks Catch Up 21.12.18

Posted 7/1/2019

This week in Oak class we have had a fantastic time enjoying role play, both inside and outside the classroom.  Within the classroom we have had our own Santa’s workshop where the children were wrapping parcels, making cards and dressing up as Santa, Rudolph and his Elves.  Outdoors we have been dressing in Nativity clothes and acting out the Nativity story. We even built our own stable and  manger for Baby Jesus.

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Last Weeks Catch Up

Posted 20/12/2018

What a busy, but tiring week!

We are so proud of Oak class during our Christmas play, The Innspectors.

We saw confidence , with wonderful singing and dancing sheep, shepherds, angels and star.

We are very proud of them all!

Last Weeks Catch Up

Posted 13/12/2018

Last Friday Mr Brooks, Mrs Gay and Mr Woods organised for our school to plant British trees in  our school grounds.   We had a fantastic morning planting an Oak tree  especially for our class.  We showed fantastic listening skills to follow the instructions of how to plant  a tree, and worked  in pairs , taking turns and working as a team.   It was hard work  digging  the holes but we did it.  We were very proud and look forward to watching our Oak tree grown over the next seven years!







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Last Weeks Catch Up

Posted 12/12/2018

This week  in Oak class we have been working on mark making. As soon as the rain stopped we couldn't wait to get outside onto the big play ground and use the chalks to work on our name writing. The children loved how the rain made all the colours run together and turn our names into rainbows!  In phonics the children are working hard to learn to blend together all of the sounds we are learning. 


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Last Weeks Catch Up

Posted 29/11/2018



This week  in Oak class  we have seen a real desire to learn. Our counting, number recognition and addition are coming on beautifully, all inspired by our love of CBeebies Number Blocks.  Already we are learning how numbers can be broken down and can demonstrate lots of addition facts. Come and see our fantastic number blocks display kindly made by Mrs Swash and the children.  We have also been encouraging lots of mark making activities. Some of the children are eager to write and love spending time in our outdoor writing area.








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Last Weeks Catch Up

Posted 22/11/2018

This week in Oak class we have been using CBeebies Number Blocks to investigate number. We have been looking at numbers 0-5 and looking at not only at how to recognise and write numbers, but also at the number facts for each number. The children have been amazing and already many know how each number can be broken down into two or more numbers to add and subtract. We then used the Numicon to investigate making the whole of a number using smaller numbers.  What a fantastic week!









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