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Pluto Catch up

Last Weeks Catch Up 22.12.17

Posted 22/12/2017

Pluto class have had a fantastic, fun end to term! Our Elves have been up to all sorts of mischief, we have written letters to Santa, and our role play area turned into Santa’s Grotto. He had lots of fun dressing up as Santa, Mrs Santa, the elves, reindeer and even a Christmas tree!  Even though we have been very excited our behaviour has been fantastic.  Mrs Bramley and Mrs Smith are very proud of us all and agree we should all be on the good list!



Last Weeks Catch Up 15.12.17

Posted 19/12/2017

We have had a very busy week in Pluto class. As well as putting on an amazing performance of A King is born we have been doing lots of Christmas activities.  We have used our maths knowledge to make our Christmas cards using the 2D shapes we have been learning about.  Our favourite activity this week has been our Counting Christmas trees!  We had to count the exact number of decorations to put on the different lines of the Christmas tree, and as you see from our photographs it took a lot of concentration!


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Last Weeks Catch Up 8.12.17

Posted 13/12/2017



Topaz class have enjoyed looking at 2D shapes over the last two weeks. First of all we sorted our shape tray into circles, triangles, rectangles and squares. Next we looked at new shapes such as ovals. semi-circles and octagons.  Next we used our shapes to make pictures, talking about how many sides and corners they had.  This week we have started our Christmas cards made using different shapes. We have made Snowmen, Angels, Mary and Jesus, Rudolph and even a donkey!

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Last Weeks Catch Up 01.12.17

Posted 4/12/2017

This week in Pluto class we have been looking for numbers in the environment. We went on a number hunt around school and were amazed at how many numbers there were around us that we had never noticed! Then we went onto the playground, there were   numbers everywhere. We practised  writing our numbers, before moving on to making our own number lines. Some of us even made our own Hopscotch!

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Last Weeks Catch Up 24.11.17

Posted 27/11/2017

This week in Pluto we have been using all the number facts we have been learning in real life situations. First of all we learnt about ordinal number and used the book Supertato, run veggies, run as our inspiration deciding who came first, second and third in races. On Thursday we all learnt how to play dominoes! This took lots of careful counting and thinking skills as well as  learning to take turns and share. It was great fun, especially when we were knocking!

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Last Weeks Catch Up 17.11.17

Posted 20/11/2017

This week in Pluto class we had an invasion of Evil Peas. Fortunately Supertato trapped them a bowl of Jelly.  After a while the Evil pea sent us a letter asking us to help him escape. He promised to be good!  We then had make a plan to help him escape. We were not      allowed to touch the jelly because is was poisonous. We had to draw our plans and then the next day we helped him escape!  I wonder what he will do next week? Will he be good?


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Last Weeks Catch Up 10.11.17

Posted 14/11/2017

We have had an exciting week in Pluto class with the arrival of Supertato!  We have had lots of exciting adventures with him, trying to save him and his friends from the Evil Pea! The evil pea arrived and wrapped up cucumber in toilet roll, he fastened carrot to the table and drew all over broccoli’s face!  Then he escaped outside with his friends and he was everywhere! We had to be careful not to touch him though so we used tweezers to capture him!  Who knows what he will get up to next week? We think we may need to make some traps!

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Last Weeks Catch Up 20.10.17

Posted 30/10/2017

This week Pluto have had a fantastic time using Autumn resources from our Outdoor  environment.  We used Stickman as our inspiration and had a fantastic time collecting sticks and leaves to make our own Stick family and their family tree.  We used conkers , leaves and pine cones for our maths and enjoyed weighing, counting and matching numbers. One group of boys worked as a team to make their own giant conker marble run!

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Last Weeks Catch Up 13.10.17

Posted 30/10/2017

This week in Pluto class we have been using Natural Autumn resources to make our Maths fun!  We went on an Autumn walk in our school grounds and collected Pine cones, conkers and different size leaves.  We used them in our maths lessons to help us count, to help us order and write our numbers, order by sizes, and had fun weighing them with our scales. We have had a great time  in our Outdoor area!

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Last Weeks Catch Up 06/10/17

Posted 9/10/2017

This term in Pluto class we have been working on developing our Funky Fingers! We have been using lots of interesting ways to build up our finger strength to get us ready for writing. We have also been enjoying our new Dough Disco!  We would like to thank Mrs Smethurst this week for her kind presents for help is with our  disco!

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