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Ash Catch up

Last Weeks Catch Up 07.06.19

Posted 14/6/2019

Ash Class really enjoyed working with Mr Miles, who is a fantastic tennis coach, to learn new skills to enable them to play tennis. We became more independent and resilient as the session progressed.

Very well done to all, what a fantastic opportunity.


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Last Weeks Catch Up 24.05.19

Posted 7/6/2019

We have been busy this week! We have been learning all about algorithms and we programmed Mrs. Stones to walk around the classroom. We even programmed her to walk into the wall! We have also been learning about how to find a quarter of shapes and small quantities. We made new shapes out of quarters and we learned how to find quarters of quantities by sharing objects equally between four groups.


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Last Weeks Catch Up 17.05.19

Posted 24/5/2019

This week we have been learning all about halving! We have explored the concept of halves as two equal parts or amounts of a whole using food and paper. We had great fun cutting and were extra careful to make sure the parts were equal because our partner got to choose their half first! We also had our learning party on Friday and did so well to read confidently, we taught our parents how to have a growth mindset.  We finished the week off by learning how to move Mrs Stones around the class using an algorithm.

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Last Weeks Catch Up 10.05.19

Posted 17/5/2019

This week we have been learning all about multiplication. We have been making equal groups and spotting patterns. We used paint to make arrays in a creative way, then we wrote repeated addition number sentences to match. We have also been busy practicing for our learning party. Super work this week Ash Class!

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Last Weeks Catch Up 03.05.19

Posted 13/5/2019

This week Ash Class have been exploring the differences between deciduous and evergreen trees. We went on a tree hunt around school and examined the leaves with our magnifying glasses. We then matched them with the trees on our sheets to find out what the trees were called! There were a few unknown ones but we had great fun using the characteristics of the leaves to decide if they belonged to a deciduous or evergreen tree.

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Last Weeks Catch Up 12.04.19

Posted 2/5/2019

This week in Ash class we have been doing all things Spring like! We have made some beautiful Mother’s Day cards and some fantastic sunflowers out of craft materials. We have also been putting the finishing touches on our fairy tale stories and singing some fun songs to help us count backwards in fives and tens. Mrs. Stones’ dancing was superb we all agreed. 

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Last Weeks Catch Up 5.4.19

Posted 15/4/2019

We have had a busy time in Ash class lately! With our amazing trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park and the artwork we have been inspired to create, welcoming two fantastic new pupils into our class, and working hard on our English and Maths work we are tired out! Well done to every member of Ash Class for your hard work, we are so proud of the determination you have shown. Here we are practicing our balancing equations, we found it tricky but we stuck at it! Well done.

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Last Weeks Catch Up 22.03.19

Posted 9/4/2019

We have had too much fun in Ash class this week! I can’t fit it all in! We have been learning about capacity and volume and exploring how we can measure liquid. We had lots of fun using the water and we only splashed a little! We have also planted our sunflower seeds this week and we will observe how they grow in the different conditions over the next few weeks. We had a special phonics morning too, look at some of the words we can read and spell!   


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Last Weeks Catch Up 15.03.19

Posted 20/3/2019

We have had such an exciting week! We had Sam’s Safari visit us on Tuesday and we got to learn about, and meet, all sorts of exciting animals. We were so quiet and careful with the animals and we listened to Sam and learned so much. Afterwards we wrote thank you letters to Sam and told her all about which were our favourites and which facts we found the most interesting. Well done Ash class!

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Last Weeks Catch Up 13.03.19

Posted 13/3/2019



We have had a wonderful, busy book week in school this week! We have enjoyed sharing books with our families and friends and we had a special visitor on Wednesday when the author Richard O’Neill came in and shared a lovely story with us. We acted out one of his stories and we all laughed a lot! Today we are dressed as our favourite story book characters and we are having so much fun exploring even more books!


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