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Neptune Catch up

Last Weeks Catch up 16.03.18

Posted 19/3/2018

This week we have been reading Alexander’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.
We wrote about our own horrible day. We think we might move to AUSTRALIA!

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Last weeks catch up 09.03.18

Posted 18/3/2018

In Neptune class we have been creating abstract art using only primary colours — red, yellow and blue.

We then looked at the work of the artist Piutet Mondrian, using his influence to create our own designs.

Last Weeks Catch Up 23.02.18

Posted 27/2/2018

This week we were busy again being scientists in our light experiment.

We tested different materials to see which reflected light. We were surprised at some of the results we found. The cling film was very interesting. We looked at different things in the world around us which reflect light to make our roads safer.

Last Weeks Catch Up 09.02.18

Posted 20/2/2018

As  part of our good to be green celebrations some of Neptune class worked with Miss Johnson on Sticky  Structures.  The children used lolly sticks, cocktail sticks, straws  and pegs to attach sweets as connectors.  The best bit was eating  them at the end!

Image Gallery

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Last Weeks Catch Up 02.02.18

Posted 5/2/2018

Neptune enjoyed a visit an tour of a fire engine this week. The children thoroughly enjoyed  exploring the fire engine and looking at all of the different equipment. 

The children have worked especially hard in our writing and multiplication lessons this week. We even had a day full of superstars! Keep up the super work Neptune. 

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Last Weeks Catch Up 26.01.18

Posted 30/1/2018

In our PE lesson this week we landed on an imaginary planet and it was filled with lots of different aliens. The children created different shapes with their body and thought about how their alien might move around. I was very impressed with the children’s creativity. The children made different shapes with 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 point of contact with the ground.

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Last Weeks Catch Up 19.01.18

Posted 30/1/2018

In our Science lessons this week we have finished our work on materials with lots of different investigations. We tested different materials to see if they were absorbent, waterproof, translucent, opaque or flexible. We were very impressed by the children observational skills and the language they used to discuss their findings.  

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Last Weeks Catch Up 12.01.18

Posted 30/1/2018

This week in Neptune class we have been learning all about when to use capital letters. We have been finding them In books and around the classroom. We know we use them for the names of people and places. The year 2 children have been working hard to add the     suffixes er and est to verbs and adjectives.

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Last Weeks Catch Up 22.12.17

Posted 22/12/2017

Over the last few weeks we have been busy cutting, sticking, writing, decorating, blending, painting and stitching.

They have created a glittery card, a seasonal calendar and a ready to be hung stocking.

Merry Christmas from Neptune class.

Last Weeks Catch Up 15.12.17

Posted 19/12/2017

After weeks of hard work, the Christmas production arrived this week. We are very proud of all of the children and their efforts on  during the production and all the rehearsals. We have worked hard to learn and deliver our lines and all the songs with the actions.

Well done everybody.

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