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Trent Catch up

Last weeks catch up 15.11.19

Posted 21/11/2019

Showing ownership of their learning assembly, confidence oozed from the children in Trent Class as they delivered their lines on Wednesday.  Their deep understanding of their hard work over the last half term became increasingly evident throughout the presentation, which was a delight to listen to and to watch. Filled with pride, the children shared their chosen areas, that they had written independently, and transfixed their audience with awe! Rounding off with their rendition of ’This is Me!’, they captured the hearts of many and filled us all with pride! Well done Trent Class, you are becoming such a strong Year Six class. Bravo!


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Last weeks catch up 08.11.19

Posted 15/11/2019

Before Half term, Trent Class were treated to a taster session of ‘GOAL’ - The Game Of Actual Life—where they excelled at there collaboration skills along with the life skills of listening, good attitude, showing eye contact, good body language and being respectful. They learned about the importance of aiming high and getting a job, how bank accounts work and the most important aspects of life. They impressed all the adults in the room with their focus and drive.


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Last weeks catch up 18.10.19

Posted 30/10/2019

The variations in bird’s beaks were studied as part of our evolution session this week in Trent Class. After exploring the different types of beak and the variety of ways in which birds implement this tool, the children focused on how it is used for feeding, according to the species. Then they put their findings into practise and experienced the challenges at first hand that birds face along with the consequences of not adapting to the environment! A couple of our species had very empty stomachs!



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Last Weeks Catch Up 11.10.19

Posted 16/10/2019

This week there was a global recognition of Mental Health and its importance. Trent Class was most fortunate in learning more about this important subject through a visit from Compass Buzz, a local Mental Health service. Our children showed true interest in the subject, impressing Chloe with their eagerness to learn more and share their insight in a mature and responsible manner, Well done Trent Class—Mrs Gay and I are very proud of your efforts.

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Last Weeks Catch Up 04.10.19

Posted 10/10/2019

Trent Class visited Poland last week! We all greeted each other with dzieƄ dobry! They also enjoyed researching geographical facts about the country. The children then learned a polish folk dance with Mrs Mackintosh before experiencing the flavours of Poland through a food and drink tasting session. Wspanialy!


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Last Weeks Catch Up 27.09.19

Posted 10/10/2019

Our ‘Dri-Tri’ experience happened to fall on the wettest day of the year! The session was expertly provided by Mrs Weston and her team as the children were treated to a sample of a Triathlon. The hall was set up for the children to complete a ‘dry swim’, a ‘turbo charged’ cycle and a ‘knee high’ run! Despite the confines of the hall, it was a heart-racing event that the children threw themselves into and gleaned every bit of fun and excitement from. Brilliant!


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Last Weeks Catch Up 20.09.19

Posted 23/9/2019

Prolonging the cricket fever wave , Trent Class have been playing Kwik Cricket during one of their PE sessions. They have been developing their catching and throwing skills as well as working on their hand-eye co-ordination and batting technique. They have also been considering where best to place fielders according to the batter. The children have realised what a fast paced game it is, which raises the heart rate, thereby improving fitness , and it’s fun!

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Last Weeks Catch Up 13.09.19

Posted 18/9/2019

The children are working hard on recognising how an author develops characters through actions and dialogue. They have taken on the roles of the characters in our class novel to try and gain a deeper understanding of them, especially their emotions. This exercise also gave us the opportunity to revise punctuating speech and to consider how careful use of speech verbs can create the effect the author wants the character to have on the reader.

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Last Weeks Catch Up 06.09.19

Posted 13/9/2019

Welcome back everyone! Our promising Year Sixes have been working on their Class Charter this week, looking carefully at the Articles most relevant to a classroom setting. They have democratically chosen six articles which they feel will ensure a sound working environment in which to learn and succeed. They also argued their case so proficiently for a chocolate bar themed display that they won! It certainly promises to catch the eye and whet the appetite!


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Last weeks catch up 19.07.19

Posted 12/8/2019

What an exciting and emotional week Willow Class have had! They thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Selby Superbowl on Monday—it was such a pleasure to take them. They also enjoyed the inter– house rounders tournament and have completed their emotional task of writing a memory for their leavers’ service. Not forgetting their long awaited party. They are ready to move on. Good Luck Willow Class!

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