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Willow Catch up

Last Weeks Catch Up 5.4.19

Posted 15/4/2019

Willow Class have been enjoying their weekly music lesson. The sounds that we are hearing are getting bigger and better than ever. Everyone is having a great time and are showing great enthusiasm and respect towards one other. Well done Willow Class.

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Last Weeks Catch Up 22.03.19

Posted 9/4/2019

This week Willow Class have been looking at the painting by Monet– Sunset over Venice. All the class were put into groups of four so they could all paint a quarter of the painting themselves. When they had finished the paintings were all put together to form their interpretation of Monet's Painting. The whole class showed determination and collaborated well to produce some fabulous pieces of art work. 

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Last Weeks Catch Up 15.03.19

Posted 20/3/2019

On Wednesday, Willow Class visited Holy Family for a morning of Gymnastics. The whole class were enthusiastic and showed off their gymnastic talents really well. We had children learning forward rolls, log rolls, cartwheels, bench work-balance and jumping from the vault. Even Mrs Pierce and I (Mrs Mack) joined in which the children found very inspiring. The whole class were exceptional in the way they behaved and congratulated everyone throughout the morning.

Image Gallery

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Last Weeks Catch Up 13.03.19

Posted 13/3/2019



What a busy, busy week! Harry Potter fever has certainly hit Willow class and we are thoroughly enjoying our work around the wonderful book ‘Harry Potter and the philosopher’s Stone.’ Potions galore, Whomping Willow paintings in the style of Monet, creating our own potion recipes and reading the novel together. As well as this we’ve had a wonderful author visit, read with Oak class and shared stories with our families. Phew what a week!

Image Gallery

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Last Weeks Catch Up 22.02.19

Posted 7/3/2019

On Friday 15th February, Willow class participated in a lovely event at Drax Sports club to help support Dementia charities. Along with children from Camblesforth primary and Read School ,they sang songs to entertain all the people attending the event. ‘All you need is love’ was the theme and it certainly felt as though there was a lot of love in the room. Well done everyone. I was very proud of them all.

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Last Weeks Catch Up 15.02.19

Posted 22/2/2019

On Friday 4th February , Willow class went over to Holy Family High School for their PE lesson.  They had great fun playing lots of team games. Who knew you could get so out of breath playing a game where you rolled a ball or threw a Frisbee! The children were really engaged and participated in all the activities with great enthusiasm.  Some great basketball skills were shown too – Harlem Globetrotters better watch out!

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Last Weeks Catch Up 08.02.19

Posted 13/2/2019

We are  looking at the art work and life of the leading Impressionist painter Claude Monet this term. We created our own masterpieces using a ‘dabbing’ technique. The children were really pleased with their finished work. Please feel free to come and have a look at some of them in the classroom.


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Last Weeks Catch Up 01.02.19

Posted 6/2/2019

This week we have been applying the map skills we learnt last week and looking at the local area. We used an Ordinance survey map and found 4 and 6 figure references for places in the local area. The children demonstrated really good skills and were able to find places really efficiently.  

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Last Weeks Catch Up 25.01.19

Posted 30/1/2019

This week we have been doing gymnastics in PE. The children had to come up with a balance—a position they could hold perfectly still for 5 seconds. They worked with a partner to improve their balances, taking it in turns to appraise each others work. Lots of creativity was displayed and there are lots of children with great posture and gymnastic ability. Looking forward to seeing their sequences in weeks to come.


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Last Weeks Catch UP 18.1.2019

Posted 23/1/2019

On Monday this week most of Willow class enjoyed a lovely afternoon with the year 3’s from Beech class. First they had a fun-filled PE session doing some Just Dance and team games and then after break we all went over to the library and shared some books. The year 3’s read to the year 6’s and then chose a picture book for the year 6’s to read to them. A lovely afternoon was had by all!


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