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Elm Catch up

Last Weeks catch Up

Posted 13/12/2018

This week in Elm Class the children have worked hard on their non-chronological report. The children have worked hard to research their chosen topic on Anglo-Saxons and create a piece of work to be proud of. The children have shown determination to complete their writing to a high standard and we cant wait to see the finished result.





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Last Weeks Catch Up

Posted 12/12/2018

Elm Class have enjoyed researching their topic for a piece of non fiction writing. They have all become experts in their own subject; ranging from food and drink to religion to weapons. The children have successfully begun writing up their notes into paragraphs ready for their final presentation piece. Well done Elm Class.


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Last Weeks Catch Up

Posted 29/11/2018



This week Elm Class enjoyed their PE lesson focusing on the different types of roll as part of their work on gymnastics. All the children demonstrated a brilliant attitude and growth mind-set, willing to have a go even if they found it difficult. The children were brilliant at getting their own mats out and worked as teams to make sure they were safe.


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Last Weeks Catch Up

Posted 22/11/2018

A busy this week in Elm class with lots of work on Anglo-Saxons and the kingdom of Wessex. In topic we looked at the Sutton Hoo burial. Using sources of evidence we made recording of artefacts and discussed what we could learn from them. We couldn't believe how skilled the Anglo-Saxons were!




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16th November 2018

Posted 16/11/2018

We have had a super start to the second autumn term. Well done everyone in Elm Class. In English we have  begun looking at non chronological reports and trying hard to understand how paragraphing works. The children worked brilliantly in groups to piece together their  example text.

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26th October 2018

Posted 9/11/2018

The children of Elm class have worked hard this week. Not only have they learnt their Harvest poem, written their own Autumn poem with illustrations and finished their art work in the style of Van Gogh but also explored the habitat around school. They found and observed all kinds of insects.

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21st September 2018

Posted 26/9/2018

Elm Class were excited to begin learning British Sign Language as part of their reflected lessons. The children learnt to finger spell their names and discussed how they felt about their learning at the start and end of the lesson. We talked about what strategies we could use to keep improving.


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14th September 2018

Posted 18/9/2018

Elm class  have worked hard on their understanding of expanded noun phrases this week and have developed their cooperative skills so they can work      effectively together. Some brilliant ideas were shared and discussed with     everyone taking part. Well done Elm Class!

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Last Week Catch Up 7.9.18

Posted 10/9/2018

Welcome to Elm Class!

The children have made a great start and I cannot wait to get stuck into the year ahead.

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Last Weel's Catch up 6.7.18

Posted 11/7/2018

Jupiter Class have looked at their shadows this week. They investigated how their shadow changed over the course of a day by measuring the length of their shadows at different points in the day.  The children then wrote up their own conclusions and created a line graph from the results. Our shadows got smaller and then began to grow again. Our discussions took us onto seasons, orbits and the moons phases.

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