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Jupiter Catch up

Last Weeks Catch Up 18.05.18

Posted 21/5/2018

This week Jupiter class have explored the world of the deep sea. They have seen investigations that show that pressure increases the deeper you go in water and have written about their understanding. They have spent time producing a short piece of drama to illustrate their knowledge in the form of a Deep Sea Dive. The film trailer we produced was very exciting!

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Last Weeks Catch Up 11.05.18

Posted 14/5/2018

This week Jupiter Class have explored and investigated the water cycle. They saw it working in a bowl and we are now observing changes to our experiment over time. By using two cups of water in a clear plastic bag we hope to see the suns energy evaporate the water, the water vapour condense of the cool plastic and it then precipitate when the drops get heavier. That is, of course, if the bags manage to stay taped to the window!

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Last Weeks Catch Up 04.05.18

Posted 9/5/2018

The children of Jupiter Class finally performed Dragon Days to a packed house on Tuesday. They delighted and wowed with their brilliant attitudes and skills. A huge well done everyone from me and I hope the songs are rattling around your heads as much as they are in mine! Well done Jupiter (and Saturn) Class!

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last Weeks Catch Up 27.04.18

Posted 30/4/2018


 This week the children of Jupiter Class (and Saturn Class) have worked hard on the play. They have shown enthusiasm and a real desire to do a fantastic job. They are excited to share their efforts with you all on Tuesday! Three days to Dragon Day!

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Last Weeks Catch Up 20.04.18

Posted 23/4/2018

The children in Jupiter Class have settled into the new term and are ready to push on. On discovering the new reading area the children of Jupiter Class spoke about the behaviours that they wanted to see while making use of the area. We are all looking forward to seeing how the reading area develops.

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Last Weeks Catch Up 29.03.18

Posted 16/4/2018

The children in Jupiter Class have this week finished their write up of their rainforest story with illustrations using wax crayons. The work looks fantastic and all the children should be very proud. Each piece of work has taken time, effort and in some cases several rewrites.

Well done Jupiter Class! Happy Easter!

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Last Weeks Catch Ups 23.03.18

Posted 3/4/2018

What a week for Jupiter Class! Robinwood Activity Centre for the Year 4 children and forest schools for those in school. I have been hugely impressed by the attitudes and behaviours of Jupiter Class on the trip and know just how fantastic a time they had (pictures coming soon!). I was also delighted to return to school to see some wonderful writing in progress on how they made there own bubble toy and cooked marshmallows on a camp fire!


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This Weeks Catch Up 16.03.18

Posted 26/3/2018

This week in Jupiter Class, the children have investigated two different micro habitats. They had to decide their own micro habitats and how they would record their information in a table. We then went out exploring our two micro habitats using magnifying glasses. The   children then write up their findings as a report which we are focusing on in English.  Amazing to see the school nature garden pond teeming with life too!

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Last weeks catch up 09.03.18

Posted 12/3/2018

After the excitement of the snow days Jupiter Class returned  to make their first steps in learning British Sign Language, as part of their metacognition lessons. The children really enjoyed learning their new skill and many showed wonderful progress through the lesson. I’m already excited about our next lesson, where we will learn how to greet and ask our partners name and say hello.

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Last Weeks Catch Up 23.02.18

Posted 27/2/2018

This week in English Jupiter Class have looked at play scripts and learnt about their features and how they should be read. We had a quick rehearsal and then watched each others    performances  to see if they were using a loud, clear voice and projecting their words. We gave more points for brilliant expression and pausing in the correct place by following the punctuation.


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