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Jupiter Catch up

Last weeks catch up 09.03.18

Posted 12/3/2018

After the excitement of the snow days Jupiter Class returned  to make their first steps in learning British Sign Language, as part of their metacognition lessons. The children really enjoyed learning their new skill and many showed wonderful progress through the lesson. I’m already excited about our next lesson, where we will learn how to greet and ask our partners name and say hello.

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Last Weeks Catch Up 23.02.18

Posted 27/2/2018

This week in English Jupiter Class have looked at play scripts and learnt about their features and how they should be read. We had a quick rehearsal and then watched each others    performances  to see if they were using a loud, clear voice and projecting their words. We gave more points for brilliant expression and pausing in the correct place by following the punctuation.


Last Weeks Catch Up 09.02.18

Posted 20/2/2018

Jupiter Class have had a busy week this week with trips, recounts, narrative writing, good to be green, art illustrations to complete, play auditions and PE from Doncaster Rovers.

Add to the mix maths reasoning and problem solving in groups and you have one successful (and busy) week. The children applied their understanding of area well and were able to work out the area of a rotated square by cutting and moving sections together.

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Last Weeks Catch Up 02.02.18

Posted 5/2/2018

The children of Jupiter this week have worked in teams to produce creative balances. They gave each other positive and constructive feedback and showed off their strength and determination when attempting core challenges. The children enjoyed working on the mats and were excellent in getting their own equipment. Thanks for the photobomb Mrs Hammond!

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Last Weeks Catch Up 26.01.18

Posted 30/1/2018

This week in science the children and I have begun exploring our local habitats and  identifying their key features ready to complete an investigation into the kinds of life we might find in each of our habitats. The children were very good at thinking through the  impacts of habitat change and linking this to our topic on rainforests. 

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Last Weeks Catch Up 19.01.18

Posted 30/1/2018

In maths this week, our Y3 children have worked hard on learning to multiply 2-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers. First, using place value diagrams before moving onto formal written methods. In Y4 we have investigated how many factor pairs numbers have and had some great mathematical  conversations. Later, we investigated which cages would be left open by the most maths orientated zoo in the world! We now need to look at our results and work out why!



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Last Weeks Catch Up 12.01.18

Posted 30/1/2018

The children were shocked and ‘devastated’ to discover that Mr Watson had ‘banned   afternoon break’. They worked quickly and decided the best course of action was to write a letter to persuade him  to change his mind. They thought carefully about the language they used. Will they succeed? Or will Mr Watson remove afternoon break? We will find out on Monday. No feedback required at this point—watch this space!  

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Last Weeks Catch Up 22.12.17

Posted 22/12/2017

This week the children in Jupiter Class have worked hard to complete their calendars and Christmas cards ready for the holidays. It was great to see all the children working independently and helping one another. We are really pleased with our finished work. Merry Christmas from Jupiter Class!


Last Weeks Catch Up 15.12.17

Posted 19/12/2017

The children of Jupiter Class have worked hard this week to get their myths written up with illustrations. The work is looking fantastic and really shows how proud the children are.

Lots of build up work and editing has gone into their final piece of writing. Including redrafting the writing and developing their artistic skills to create a stylised volcano.

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Last Weeks Catch Up 8.12.17

Posted 13/12/2017



This week children in Jupiter Class visited Kings Church as part of the Christmas experience. They had a wonderful time travelling back into the past to find out about the very first Christmas. They had to collect evidence for Professor Pendulum and solve puzzles along the way. I was really proud of the children’s behaviour throughout and we very much look forward to next year.  Thank you Kings Church!

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