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Saturn Catch up

Last Weeks Catch Up

Posted 18/9/2017

The children of Saturn Class have settled in brilliantly this week. They have been working their socks off and have really impressed me by showing everything they can do. We have had fun using lot’s of different practical resources in maths to help us to recognise numbers.

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Last Weeks Catch Up

Posted 25/7/2017

This week we explored our shadows. The wonderful weather on Monday let us find out how our shadows changed over the afternoon and we noticed that our shadows moved and got bigger. We recognised that our shadows were on the other side to the sun.  Science has been great this year and we are really looking forward to our new topics next year.

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Last Weeks Catch up 14.07.17

Posted 17/7/2017

In our topic lessons we have researched our chosen area of interest on the Victorians. We have looked at a whole range of topics from horse and carriages to prisons, food to football, Thomas Barnado to schools and games. We will be using this information to write our very own explanation of what life was like in Victorian Britain.

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Last Weeks Catch Up 07.07.17

Posted 10/7/2017

This week we tested our strength against two books. The books easily beat us. We just couldn't pull them apart no matter how hard we tried. Mr Brooks explained that it was just friction but we were convinced it was super glued until he pulled them apart and proved us wrong. We never knew friction could be such a strong force!

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Last Week's Catch Up 30.06.17

Posted 3/7/2017

In Emerald Class we had a fantastic afternoon of science on Monday. We tested out many different materials to find out how much “stopping force” they had. We found that sand was really good at stopping our toy cars. Our fair test results were then plotted onto bar charts that will make it easier to draw conclusions from.

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Last Weeks Catch Up 23.06.17

Posted 26/6/2017

This week in Emerald we have began working on our portraits mimicking the style of Victorians. We looked at imagery and thought about how our own portraits would look. We posed for the camera to help us with our sketches! Don’t we look great!

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Last Week's Catch Up 15.06.17

Posted 16/6/2017

We started our new science topic in Emerald Class this week. We were very excited to explore our classroom and find out which objects and materials were magnetic. We tried really hard to push the two horseshoe magnets together but they kept pushing us away! It was great to see the children buzzing and engaged with their science. 

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Last Weeks Catch Up 09.06.17

Posted 12/6/2017

During this week Emerald class have had an exciting opportunity to brush up on their tennis skills with Mr Miles. They practised many ball skills and even had a mini tennis match.

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Last Weeks Catch Up 26.05.17

Posted 30/5/2017

In Emerald Class we found Xylem and learnt how water is transported in plants so that the plants can grow. We used our exploration skills and coloured water to see the small tubes more clearly. We were surprised to see the leaves start changing colour in only a few hours and many of us thought the xylem looked gross under the microscope!

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Last Week's Catch Up 22.05.17

Posted 22/5/2017

Emerald classEmerald classThis week Emerald Class have, after lots of practise and skill building, played their first game of rounders. It was a great first effort, even if some of us did forget which posts to run around! Mr Brooks was really impressed to see all the skills being put into practise. Well done Emeralds!

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