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Venus Catch up

Last Weeks Catch Up

Posted 18/9/2017

Venus Class have shown energy and drive during their transition into Upper Key Stage 2. We have  complied our Class Charter and decided upon its format. We have also been working on our bench ball skills, particularly chest throws and pivoting. The children have enjoyed mini tournaments after working on their skills and they have begun to take charge of their own learning by putting warm ups together to lead the class into exercising safely.

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Last Weeks Catch Up

Posted 21/7/2017

To finish off our Science work on Electricity, Diamond Class have been learning how to draw electrical circuits using the appropriate symbols for the various components. After completing the activity, we played a game of ‘Who am I?’, when children had to ask  the rest of the class scientific questions to help them guess which symbol was on the post it stuck to their forehead. A fun way of assessing understanding!

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Last Weeks Catch Up 14.07.17

Posted 17/7/2017

Our Young Leaders Award culminated this week in our award assembly. The children in Diamond Class wrote the assembly themselves and delivered it beautifully. 

We were lucky to have a visitor, Rozy, from Bishopthorpe Palace to present the certificates to the children. She was very impressed with the amount of work and commitment shown by the children and it was wonderful to hear how the project had inspired them.

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Last Weeks Catch Up 07.07.17

Posted 10/7/2017

Carlton’s Diamonds have been putting together a whole school assembly to celebrate their completion of the Young Leaders Award. They have written the assembly themselves, explaining what they have done to achieve this award and they have shared their thoughts on the long term impact on them personally. They have worked extremely hard for this project and we are very, very proud of each of them. Well done!

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Last Weeks Catch Up 30.06.17

Posted 3/7/2017

Diamond class have been investigating Islamic patterns and incorporating these into props for their school performance .

They are also using their designs to make a mosaic  prayer mat  in correspondence with the Muslim faith in RE.

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Last Weeks Catch Up 23.06.17

Posted 26/6/2017

Our long awaited Afternoon Tea took place this week when Diamond Class provided the traditional tea to the senior members of our community, and boy did they do our school proud. The food was carefully prepared and the venue beautifully decorated. The children served their guests and made polite conversation whilst everyone enjoyed their tea. Well done Diamond Class you have done yourselves, your families, your school and your local community proud. You have become young leaders!

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Last Week's Catch Up 15.06.17

Posted 16/6/2017

In RE we are learning about the Muslim faith. This week we looked the inside of a mosque. We learned the names for the different parts of the building and labelled these on our own diagram. To finish our lesson, we completed a quiz where a whole class  plan of a mosque was also labelled. We worked as a team until all labelling was completed correctly.

Last Weeks Catch Up 09.06.17

Posted 12/6/2017

This week Diamond Class took part in two tennis sessions delivered by coach Mr Miles. Both sessions were exciting and informative despite one being inside due to the weather. Fun warm up games enthused everyone and prepared them for learning techniques to help them to improve their play. This was followed by the children playing singles and doubles matches in name of Murray or Nadal. 

The Nadal team won!

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Last Weeks Catch Up 26.05.17

Posted 30/5/2017

On Monday, Diamond Class welcomed some of the senior members of our village to stay and read with them in the Hub. We has such a lovely afternoon. The atmosphere was wonderful, with children and adults reading to each other, or sharing real life stories.  This was part of our Archie project and we are looking forward to seeing them again, along with their friends, on the 20th June for Afternoon Tea in the school hall.

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Last Week's Catch Up 22.05.17

Posted 22/5/2017

Diamond classDiamond classTo advertise their final Young Leaders Award activity, the children have been making posters to invite the elderly of our village into school on Tuesday 20th June for afternoon tea, which they will be serving. They are very excited about putting on this event for our elderly villagers and have put in effort and thought to promote it and ensure its success. Please spread the news to all the over 75s who live in Carlton .

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